CIET's Mathieu Côte participated in this year's AEE World Conference in Washington, D.C. The event serves as an important gathering of U.S. energy efficiency professionals, but also to a growing contingent of international delegates. The keynote speaker, Peggy Liu from JUCCCE, highlighted this trend in her presentation about energy in China. Once again this year, a sizeable group of Canadians proudly represented our country at the conference and even came back home with distinctions. CIET would thus like to congratulate and commend them all for their various achievements (see below for a full list of 2019 AEE International Award Winners).


With more than 200 presentations and speakers, AEE World is a dazzling showcase of energy efficiency best practices. Mathieu chaired a well-attended presentation session during which feats such as certification of more than thirty industrial sites on ISO 50001, Ontario’s deep lake water cooling district energy system were presented. We also learned a lot from less-technical presentations from Valerie Bennett and Prad Challa who presented respectively on (1) how an achievable potential study was developed for Ontario and how useful it can be in shaping up CDM programs, and (2) on impressive program participation generated by customer accounts strategic segmentation and approach.


Overall, participants from all over the world gathered at AEE World and it was also a great opportunity to highlight the work that CIET’s sister-company, the International Institute for Energy Training (IIET), does in providing energy efficiency training and consulting services. The next edition of AEE World will be held in Denver, CO in September 2020.


Washington, DC, AEE World , Mathieu Cote and speakers


2019 AEE International Award Winners

Canadian Winners

  • Energy Engineer of the Year
    Winner: Armitage, Bruce
    Tahoe Canada
    Porcupine Ontario/Canada

  • Corporate Energy Management
    Winner: 3M Company
    Brockville, Ontario/Canada

  • Energy Innovator of the Year
    Winner: Lewis, Joshua
    NERVA Energy Group Inc
    St. Catharines Ontario, Canada
  • Young Energy Professional of the Year
    Winner: Onekpe, Afure
    ICF Consulting Inc
    Calgary Alberta/Canada


International Winners

  • Institutional Energy Management
    Winner: Lewisville Independent School District
    Lewisville TX

  • Energy Professional Development
    Winner: Barksdale, George (Buster)
    Government Energy Solutions
    Huntsville AL

  • Energy Manager of the Year
    Winner: Nolen, Sharon
    Eastman Chemical Company
    Kingsport TN

  • Energy Project of the Year: National (In the U.S.)
    Winner: Nissan Chiller Optimization
    Nissan North America
    Smyrna TN

  • Energy Project of the Year: International (Outside the U.S.)
    Winner: Burj Khalifa Energy Management
    Emaar Properties
    Burj Khalifa
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Innovative Energy Project of the Year
    Winner: PS 62 - Kathleen Grimm School for Leadership and Sustainability at Sandy Ground
    New York City Department of Education
    Long Island City NY

  • Young Energy Professional of the Year
    Winner: Paton, Linnea
    Brooklyn NY

  • Young Energy Professional of the Year
    Winner: Wenning, Thomas
    Program Manager
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Oak Ridge TN


Washington, DC

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