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Why should I become EBCx?

As a process, existing building commissioning (EBCx) is often referred to as taking what you already have and making it better! Interest in existing building commissioning projects has been growing steadily over the years, and it is now recognized as a formidable means to determine which low-cost/no-cost operational improvements may be made to a currently operated building to improve occupant comfort and achieve energy savings​. Another facet of EBCx is it can be conducted as a standalone activity or as part of a renovation/modernisation project.

Whether you are an energy consultant or a program/project manager who wants the capability to carry out an existing building commissioning project internally, you will come away from the EBCx course with a thorough understanding of the process and how to maintain its benefits throughout the life cycle of a building. Additionally, this course serves to highlight the appropriate energy monitoring interventions to be carried out by third parties. The audience for this designation is existing building commissioning service providers, building operations staff, energy managers, program/project managers, technical supervisors, municipal building managers, engineering professionals with experience in HVAC and power systems, property management firms, control technicians and building automation supervisors, as well as AI building control specialists.


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