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Why should I become CBCP?

The Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP) course is aimed at not only preparing participants to successfully pass the exam and earn the CBCP designation, but also reviewing all phases of commissioning projects and learning the best practices currently used. At its core, building commissioning comprises quality-focused projects that serve to provide documented confirmation that building systems function according to criteria set forth in project documents to satisfy owners’ operational needs. Such projects have been proven to be important because buildings that operate suboptimally tend to have poor indoor air quality and comfort, consume higher levels of energy, and produce equipment failures. Conversely, buildings that are properly commissioned typically have fewer change orders, tend to be more energy efficient, and have lower operation and maintenance costs. Commissioning can also restore existing buildings to high productivity through renovations, upgrades, and tune-ups of existing systems. The audience for this designation is energy managers, building/facility managers, commissioning professionals and agents, building owners and managers, project managers, commissioning and recommissioning consultants, developers and architects, engineers, and construction managers.


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