CIET Goes Virtual | Online Energy Efficiency Courses Available Across Canada

Update on the delivery of virtual courses during COVID-19:


CIET has been working hard to provide new training options for you through virtual real-time classrooms. This will allow everyone to continue accessing CIET training in a safe manner, which protects both our participants and our trainers. (Read our case studies: How CIET turned its business model upside down in just 11 days and Part 2: how the COVID-19 pandemic ended up being an opportunity for CIET)


You can register for these virtual courses in confidence, knowing that they will provide the same quality of training that you expect from CIET. These real-time training sessions will be available to all participants across Canada.


Although these are difficult times, there are some silver linings that come with virtual courses:

  • Participate in training from the comfort of your home;
  • Register for a course hosted in another province without having to travel;
  • Get more access to trainers (trainers will be available for Q&As at the end of each training day);
  • Plan to take your exam when it’s convenient for you!


On this page, you will find:

  1. Virtual Course Logistics
  2. Upcoming Virtual Courses & Dates
  3. Frequently Asked Questions


Virtual Course Logistics

Once you choose your course and register, here is what you can expect:


Access to the course material:

  • A physical copy of the training material will be mailed to you before the course begins.
  • You will also be able to follow the instructor’s presentation virtually.



  • Login information for the training will be available upon registration
  • Agenda for the course will be provided
  • All training courses will be hosted by GoToTraining


Extra time for questions:

  • Our instructors will be available after each day to field any questions you may have.


To see course-specific logistics, click on the course you are interested in.

Virtual Energy Efficiency Courses & Dates



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your courses cancelled?

A: No. With few exceptions, most CIET courses will be delivered via virtual real-time classroom training.


Q: What is virtual classroom training?

A: Virtual classroom training aims to give participants an experience similar to what they would expect through our in-person training. Our courses will be hosted on the GoToTraining platform with dedicated time for all of your questions. Like in-person training, we will take breaks and have regular polls and interactive elements integrated throughout. For the best possible experience, we recommend that all participants connect by computer rather than on cell phones. 


Q: How will training be managed for those courses with an examination component?

A: We have worked out a solution with our certification bodies whereby exams will be taken remotely online through Proctor U.


Q: Can I postpone a course?

A: You can postpone your registration to a future session if desired, though we cannot yet determine how long the COVID-19 crisis will last. Indications from governments seem to indicate that isolation and travel restrictions might last for longer than we would like. For now, we propose keeping the registrations of all participants active. We will inform you of new dates as they become possible/ available, including our new Fall 2020 training dates, which should be announced in May-June. Should you wish to cancel later, we have temporarily suspended our cancellation policy and there are no fees for any cancellation effective immediately. This suspension will be effective for all registrations made prior, at least, to April 30, 2020.


Q: Will you be changing your price structure for the virtual courses?

A: CIET course pricing will remain unchanged. While we do have savings related to venue and catering, we are investing in the delivery of our virtual courses in order to replicate as much as possible the in-person CIET learning environment. We are also investing in our instructors by providing enhanced technical support, and with assistant trainers as required.



CIET Goes Virtual | Online Energy Efficiency Courses Available Across Canada

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