CIET attends the 2018 Electricity Summit


CIET was happy to take part in the 2018 Electricity Summit in the company of several of our LDC and energy service partners on June 11th. Hosted by the IESO (Independent Electricity Systems Operator), the theme of this year’s summit was unlocking the value of innovation to strengthen Ontario’s electricity sector.


The focus at the Summit was very much centered on how the electricity sector can better engage customers, all while adapting to a changing system. From using Blockchain technology on a localized basis in energy delivery, to how best to incorporate distributed energy resources in the system, distribution companies are clearly focused on how they can deliver more value and options to consumers who have developed a strong interest in having more control and information regarding their energy costs, consumption, and even source.


CIET attends the 2018 Electricity Summit



There were several LDCs present at the conference who have also provided added value to their clients and constituents – specifically contractors and other channel partners – by hosting CIET training sessions on issues related to energy management, auditing and facilities/building operations.





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