CIET Participates in Building Lasting Change Conference


CIET was a participant in this year’s edition of CaGBC’s flagship Building Lasting Change conference, which took place in Vancouver from the 28-30th of May. This year’s conference, attended by around 900 delegates, had the theme of “Striking a balance between carbon reduction, health and resilience”. The themes for the conference largely fit into the following categories: innovations in green building technology; sustainability in a low-carbon world; building resiliency (largely utilizing LEED); retrofitting; and the derivative benefits of sustainability (largely social and economic).


Due to this conference being a collaboration between CaGBC and RealPac for the fourth year in a row, the conference serves as a confluence for the largest commercial real estate asset holders and property management firms to come together with building specialists, modellers, and service organizations.

The CaGBC conference also includes a gala. View this year’s deserving prize winners.


Building Lasting Change Conference 2019






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