In October, Efficiency Nova Scotia awarded the Bright Business Awards recognising Nova Scotia’s best-in-class energy efficient organisations, individuals and communities.

Engagement Award

CIET is a proud sponsor of the Engagement Award which recognises an organisation’s “leadership and commitment to energy efficiency in Nova Scotia through activities such as planning, project development, energy management, and employee engagement”.


This year’s winner is CBRM Water.


2018 Bright Business Award Engagement Winner, CIET Sponsor

Greg Campbell, Water Systems Engineer (left), accepting the award on behalf of CBRM Water, with Jess Burgess of, Econoler (right), on behalf of the Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET), Engagement Award Sponsor 2018.



CBRM Water Water Systems Engineer, Greg Campbell speaks about how there is a great connection between community and efficiency, as well as how a partnership with Efficiency Nova Scotia and a water audit aided the organisation in setting volume loss reduction targets. Watch the video to find out if these targets were met.




It’s amazing how a single person can change an entire organisation’s energy footprint. This is the core reason why we are active in the field of energy efficiency training. We aim to equip as many Canadians as possible to become actors of change in their home, their company, or their community so they can participate in Canada’s energy transition toward a cleaner future.


The work that Greg and the CBRM team do is impressive and is a good example that it only takes one motivated person to accomplish big things, such as reducing water consumption! CIET is very proud to sponsor the 2018 Bright Business Engagement Award and would like to congratulate CBRM for their leadership.


-CIET Executive Director, Mathieu Côte

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