Canadian energy codes (NECB 2011, ASHRAE 90.1, etc.) in 120 minutes

Canadian energy codes (NECB 2011, ASHRAE 90.1, etc.) in 120 minutes

Buildings are becoming more and more complex as owners and designers work to create efficient, comfortable environments. In order to stay current, industry professionals need to quickly learn and adopt the new requirements of the NECB 2011. This 2-hour online training will walk participants through the three compliance pathways available in Canada.


Reducing the impact humans and buildings have on the environment are important design considerations in today’s building industry. Standards such as the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB 2011) and ASHRAE’s Energy Standard for Buildings (90.1) are considered minimum guidelines for energy performance. The course will focus its attention on the new NECB and the three compliance pathways available to designers and builders. Supporting resources such as the ASHRAE 90.1 standard will be discussed and explored as a means of specifying high performance building envelope components, lighting equipment and HVAC systems.


**Note: this webinar has been recorded from a live presentation and audio quality is not perfect. We’ll ensure future webinars are of better quality.



William Marshall


2 hours



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