5 Things To Look Forward To From CIET in 2021

By Olivier Cappon


2020 presented an opportunity for many organisations to assess how they operate and make necessary pivots. In doing so, it also presented many with the opportunity to re-evaluate and improve elements of the organisation. Here's what we've been working on and a few things you can expect from CIET in 2021.


1. All new Behaviour Change for EE courses


It is often stated that Energy Efficiency is about three things: systems & technology, organisations, and people. In the new behaviour change course that we are currently creating, it is the power of people – both individually and collectively – that we will focus on. Behaviour Change is all about engaging people around a common purpose, identifying barriers & benefits to engagement, implementing engaging programs, and of course, celebrating successful outcomes and achievements. Interested in this course? It will be available in early 2021!



2. Improvement and re-launching of the Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) program


After an exhaustive process of updating and revamping the training materials and key subject matter, the Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) program will officially be ready to go in 2021! The CEA’s focus will be on helping participants gain the fundamental knowledge of how to evaluate energy use in a facility and identify where consumption can be reduced through calculations, interviews, and on-site walkthroughs.



3. New CIET Professional Development Series


Starting next year, CIET will be offering a series of short workshops on important and on-trend subjects in Energy Efficiency. Participants will be able to join us for a single session, or for the whole series. The topics to be featured in the series include: Redefining high-performance buildings, Resiliency, Energy Benchmarking, GHG reporting and reduction strategies, Existing building recommissioning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in buildings, HVAC maintenance & ops best practices and more.



4. New Intro and Advanced courses, which combine to create a suite/path of RETScreen® Expert- focused training


The RETScreen® Expert software has been steadily growing in use and in terms of the number of users. In recognition of this growth, and of the fact that RETScreen® Expert users all have different starting points, needs, and goals in using the software, we will be introducing two new courses in 2021 in order to be able to offer a full RETScreen® learning path, which will include:

  • New: Introduction to RETSCreen® Expert,
  • Certified RETScreen® Expert and
  • New: Advanced RETScreen® Professional: Hands-on project work and coaching



5. Improvement of all CIET course materials presented in our virtual real-time classroom format


If there is one thing that’s come out of the Pandemic, it is how much we are all working and learning from home. In this new reality, many of us have become more aware of the importance of engagement and visual support when we work. This is why CIET has been investing heavily in our training programs to add additional content, update slides and present more infographic and visual learning tools, create study guides for certain courses, extend Q&A times, and create more exercises and topical examples. We look forward to presenting these enhancements to all of you in 2021.




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