What a year it has been! We started 2020 envisioning adding several new in-person courses, and working on internal processes and a structure to get ready for the next phase of growth for CIET in parallel with the professional development needs of our participants. However, as described in a 2-part case study (How CIET Turned its Business Model Upside Down in Just 11 Days and How the COVID-19 Pandemic Ended Up Being an Opportunity for CIET), like many organisations, the COVID-19 pandemic caused us to pivot completely from our original plan in order to transition our course delivery to a virtual real-time classroom format and keep up with rapid growth and demand for training.


2020 has been a whirlwind, life-changing experience for all, but also a business-changing experience for CIET. With the fantastic support of close to 1,500 virtual participants, our wonderful team of trainers and capable management staff, CIET has evolved into the largest virtual Energy training center in Canada. While we believe, hope and plan for a return to in-person (or at least hybrid) delivery model in 2021-2022, we are extremely proud of what has been accomplished in terms of adaptation, course improvement, training delivery, and also grateful for the feedback received from participants.


On a personal note, 2020 has changed how I look at the future and, frankly how I think the concept of “future” should be understood. It now seems that the future is not something that is 3-5 years away, but rather something that evolves month to month. The work done by pharmaceutical companies to bring vaccines to market in under ten months is astonishing; the pace of projects like sending more humans to the Moon.


In our own industry,  we have heard equally inspiring and impressive stories from many participants of how they have adapted, invested in themselves, created a new career path, and steered their company’s focus in a completely new direction because of the pandemic. We are always extremely pleased to see our participants being proud of their accomplishments and to know we have played a part in helping them.


With major investments to come in 2021 in the sustainability field and in the energy efficiency field, we will continue to help Canadians enhance their knowledge, skills and capacity and be leaders in the defining theme of the decade: which is not COVID-19, but energy transition and climate change action.


I wish all of you peaceful, relaxing end-of-year Holidays, and hope to see many of you in our upcoming courses or networking events soon.


Best regards,

Mathieu Côte

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