Learning Building Blocks | New Energy Efficiency Learning Paths

To better cater to our participants, CIET has developed learning paths within certain energy efficiency topics. These learning paths act as building blocks to help introduce participants to a given topic, and then provide them with the opportunity to build on their knowledge with more advanced courses.


Another benefit of these learning paths is that energy efficiency professionals with prior experience and knowledge of a given topic and jump into a course that best fits their needs at the time. With existing experience, professionals are able to jump straight into an advanced course so they can get straight into new information without having to review the basics.


By offering courses in introductory, intermediate and advanced levels, participants are able to attend courses with others who have a similar level of knowledge so courses can seamlessly help them advance their own skills.


Here’s a look at the new learning paths available for energy efficiency professionals.


RETScreen® Expert Learning Path

Introduction to RETScreen® Expert

Certified RETScreen® Expert

Advanced RETScreen® Expert


CIET has developed three training options for professionals looking to develop and expand their understanding and ability to use the software. The Introduction to RETScreen® Expert was created for newer users of the software, or individuals that are just starting to be involved in the analysis or management of energy use in buildings and facilities. Certified RETScreen® Expert (CRE) builds on participants’ existing knowledge with the intent of building your proficiency with key aspects of the software, culminating with the master case study which serves as a review of the software’s features as well as the basis of the certification exam. The third course in this learning path is Advanced RETScreen® Expert which exposes participants to a progressive application of subjects which will allow them to tackle the most complex projects.

Energy Management

Energy Management Professional 101

Certified Energy Manager (CEM)

Certified Energy Auditor (CEA)


For those just entering the energy efficiency workforce, Energy Management Professional 101 (EMP 101) provides participants with well-rounded considerations for the central elements of energy efficiency. This course also acts as a stepping-stone toward the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) designation, which is normally taken after an individual has at least three years of industry experience. This is a great learning path for current or aspiring energy management professionals. If you are a CEM who is working in the context of commercial or institutional buildings, although you will have had an overview of building energy auditing, you can further your knowledge in the Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) course.


Building Automation Systems Optimization

Building Automation Systems Optimization Essentials

Advanced Building Automation Systems Optimization


Learning what it takes to operate and maintain a well-run building automation system (BAS) is a valuable skill to bring to an organisation. A well-run BAS reduces energy consumption and allows for more efficient building system operations, in turn, reducing costs. This learning path is ideal for building operators, project managers and technicians. First, the Building Automation Systems Optimization Essentials course helps participants gain a better understanding of BASs, then the Advanced Building Automation Systems Optimization course builds on participants’ knowledge and provides in-depth knowledge on the design, diagnostic, trend monitoring, and control strategies that allow participants to run their buildings with superior efficiency and energy management best practices.


Measurement & Verification

Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP)

Advanced Measurement & Verification


Starting with the Certified Measurement & Verification Professional program participants will be prepared to carry out their own M&V projects, develop basic plans and be prepared to take the CMVP exam. With this course and designation under their belt, measurement and verification professionals may choose to move onto the Advanced Measurement & Verification course and go beyond elementary M&V concepts. In this course, participants will increase their knowledge of the M&V process and preparation or interpretation of plans via statistical tools, examples and case studies.


Energy Modelling

Introduction to Energy Modelling in Compliance with the NECB

Building Energy Modelling Professional – Tools, Software and Compliance


Need to understand what an energy model is? The Introduction to Energy Modelling course is the perfect starting point. This one-day course provides an overview of the requirements of the NECB and a description of the three compliance paths. After completing the Introduction course, register for the Building Energy Modelling Professional course. This course provides participants with the tools needed to execute energy modeling projects and to achieve compliance in buildings.


Residential Energy Advisor

Prep Course for the NRCan Foundation Level Exam

Prep Course for the NRCan ERS v15 Energy Advisor Exam


With an increasing demand for residential energy advisors, CIET is happy to offer preparatory courses in order to help interested professionals across the country become Residential Energy Advisors. The Prep Course for the NRCan Foundation Level exam is the first step in becoming an Energy Advisor. Then once aspiring Energy Advisors take and pass NRCan’s Foundation Level Exam, it’s time to register for the Prep Course for the NRCan ERS v15 Energy Advisor Exam before taking on the exam.

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Certified Energy Auditor (CEA)

Certified Energy Manager (CEM)

Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP)

Certified RETScreen® Expert (CRE)

Advanced RETScreen® Expert

Introduction to Recommissioning (RCx)

Advanced Course on Building Recommissioning (RCx)

Introduction to RETScreen® Expert

Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP)

Energy Efficiency for Building Operators & Maintenance Staff (EEBO)

Building Operator Certification Training (BOC)

Energy Management Professional 101 (EMP 101)

Prep Course for the NRCan Foundation Level Exam

Prep Course for the NRCan ERS v15 Energy Advisor Exam

Advanced Energy Advisor: Tools for completing your probationary files

Intro to HOT-2000

Advanced HOT2000

Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBS): Conducting an assessment of a small residential building

Heat Integration of Industrial Processes (HIIP)

Introduction to Building Energy Modelling in Compliance with the NECB

Building Energy Modelling Professional – Tools, Software and Compliance

Building Automation Systems Optimization Essentials

Advanced Building Automation Systems Optimization

Making the Case for Energy Efficiency

Dollars to $ense Energy Management Workshops

1-Day Best Practices of ICI Energy Management – Dollars to $ense Workshop

Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems

Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems

Becoming Carbon neutral: Key concepts, strategies and initiatives

Advanced Measurement and Verification

Other course

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COVID-19 Information for CIET'S Fall 2021 Training Calendar – CIET will continue with virtual training!

Last Updated: May 18, 2021


CIET to continue Virtual Real-Time classroom training this fall!

With well over 100 virtual real-time courses delivered since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, and based on feedback received from more than 1,600 participants, CIET is happy to inform that all public training sessions offered this fall will be delivered through our virtual real-time classrooms.


This will allow everyone to continue to access CIET training in a safe manner, which protects both our participants and our trainers, regardless of what happens with the pandemic or public health measures. This allows you  the peace of mind to register for a virtual training course today, knowing that the training will be delivered with the same quality of training that you expect from an in-person CIET course. Also, keeping the virtual real-time training sessions will ensure that our full course calendar is available to all participants across Canada and abroad, regardless of geographical location.




You can find more information about CIET’s virtual training approach:

Through all these measures, CIET hopes to provide as much flexibility as possible to training participants while respecting its commitments to other participants, trainers and partners, as well as public health recommendations.

We thank you very much for your trust and collaboration and look forward to welcoming you in our virtual classrooms!


Best regards,

The CIET Team
647 255-3107