Olivier Cappon

Olivier Cappon, headshot
Olivier Cappon

Olivier Cappon is Senior Director with the Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET) - which trains over 2,000 participants a year across Canada and internationally through a mix of public, private and customized training sessions. Olivier’s experience with Energy Efficiency first came from his years of work with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group), where he was responsible for the proliferation of several Energy and GHG-related standards and codes.

Olivier has worked in the Sustainability and Energy Industry for over thirteen years, accruing expertise in key areas of professional and organisational capacity-building, such as designing learning frameworks and outcomes, review course design and content, learning paths, and setting core competencies. He has also accrued important experiences on the pragmatic side of training as an instructor and presenter on several topics related to the overarching themes in Energy Efficiency.

Stephen Dixon

Stephen Dixon CIET Canada, headshot
Stephen Dixon
B.Sc., M.A.Sc.

Stephen Dixon is a freelance energy consultant. As Principal of TdS Dixon Inc., of St. Jacobs, Ontario, he brings a practical, hands-on approach to the challenge of developing the energy management capacities of a broad range of institutional, commercial, and industrial organizations. Stephen has accumulated more than 35 years of energy management experience, including more than 800 energy assessments and the facilitation of over 1,700 energy management workshops. Stephen holds an M.A.Sc. in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a B.Sc. in Physics from UPEI.

Stephen’s extensive experience with RETScreen began with his significant contributions to the design and development of RETScreen’s energy efficiency models in RETScreen v4.  Subsequently, Stephen’s popular Monitoring Targeting & Reporting Tool featuring simple regression and CUUSM functions inspired and informed the development of the  RETScreen Plus Performance Analysis tools.  Finally, Stephen provided technical support to the development of RETScreen’s newest version RETScreen Expert.  Stephen has successfully delivered over 25 RETScreen training sessions and incorporated RETScreen training into more than 100 energy management training workshops.

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