Albert E. Williams

Albert E. Williams
CEM®, CEA™, CIEP™, CMVP®, CAP™, REP™, BEP™, CLEP™, CWEP™, CASO-, PSO-, SSO-, and MSO-Expert

Albert is an energy engineering training instructor who has delivered over 190 courses, has travelled and worked in over 40 countries, and has contributed in developing 25 different courses, including the CEM®, CEA™, CIEP™ (lead developer), EAP and 50001CP™. He has 19 years of energy engineering experience and has conducted over 230 energy audits (incl. 90 Compressed Air Systems audits). He holds 9 x AEE® certifications, and 4 x UNIDO qualifications. Albert is the author of the published Industrial Energy Systems Handbook, current chief-editor of the Energy Management Handbook 10th Edition, and he has won various international energy engineering awards. The list of international organisations he is recurrently contracted for include the AEE®, the United Nations (UNIDO), the World Bank, as well as firms based in Canada, Denmark, Bulgaria, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, and from all four corners of Africa. His international expertise include Industrial Energy Auditing, Energy Management, Compressed Air Systems, Pump Systems, and M&V. Additionally he is an AEE® Global Guidance Committee member and an AEE® lifetime member.

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