Ian Kilborn

Ian Kilborn

Ian is a licensed professional engineer, Certified Energy Manager (CEM), and NRCan Registered Energy Advisor (REA).  Ian is currently certified as a residential energy auditor and has performed over 200 energy audits on houses under past and current incentive programs. Ian’s work includes consulting in the areas of energy management, energy auditing, GHG assessment, and solar assessment. 

Recent energy auditing projects include an area in a remote indigenous community, a multi-building assessment for a rural county, a long term care home, a 4000 m2 electronics manufacturing facility, several churches, and building envelop consulting for a deep-energy residential renovation. 

Ian was a full-time professor at St Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario for nine years, developing curriculum and teaching in the Energy Systems Engineering Technology program.  His areas of teaching included: solar systems design, building science, energy auditing, HVAC, building controls, thermodynamics, and technical writing. 

Prior to joining St Lawrence, Ian was co-owner of Quantum Renewable Energy Inc, a Kingston based business that designs and installs renewable energy systems.  He was responsible for system design, project management, and supervising construction crews. 

Ian built his own ‘super insulated’ rural home in the 1990’s and continues to live there today with solar thermal, and heat pump systems. 

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