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Building Operator Certification (BOC)

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Building Operator Certification (BOC)


NorthWest Healthcare Properties



NorthWest Healthcare Properties hired the Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET) to deliver a nine-day Building Operator Certification (BOC) on-site training program. BOC was developed by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC) based in Seattle, WA. In 2013, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) awarded a contract to the CIET to update and adapt the BOC materials for delivery in Canada. The nine-day program consisted of the following eight training modules:

  • BOC-1001/Energy-efficient Operation of Building HVAC Systems (2 days)
  • BOC-1002/Measuring and Benchmarking Energy Performance (1 day)
  • BOC-1003/Efficient Lighting Fundamentals (1 day)
  • BOC-1004/HVAC Controls Fundamentals (1 day)
  • BOC-1005/Indoor Environmental Quality (1 day)
  • BOC-1006/Common Opportunities for Low-cost Operational Improvements (1 day)
  • BOC-1007/Facility Electrical Systems (1 day)
  • BOC-1008/Operation and Maintenance Practices for Sustainable Buildings (1 day)




The on-site training was delivered between January 9 and March 5, 2016.

NorthWest Healthcare Properties staff received highly interactive and hands-on classroom training delivered by very knowledgeable and experienced buildings energy-efficiency professionals.


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