Jenna LeBlanc

Jenna LeBlanc CEM, CMVP, CEA

Clean Transportation Engineer

What Jenna says about her career


What is my role as a Clean Transportation Engineer?

The focus of my role as Clean Transportation Engineer is on the deployment of public electric vehicle charging infrastructure and hydrogen fuelling infrastructure in B.C. to aid the adoption of battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. I provide technical advice on the design and implementation of clean-transportation initiatives and projects throughout B.C.


How did I reach this position?

I have a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering and started my career in energy efficiency with Efficiency Nova Scotia as a project coordinator. In this position, I coordinated custom retrofit and new construction projects for industrial and commercial facilities as well as completed measurement and verification for these projects. My experience in building energy efficiency provided me with many skills transferable into the clean transportation industry.



How does CIET training help me in my work? 

The CIET training that I have taken helps me with technical problem-solving and thinking in an energy-efficiency mindset.  The CEM and CEA courses have increased my knowledge of building systems, energy use and management, and energy-efficient technologies. THE CMVP course helped me better design measurement and verification (M&V) plans for energy efficiency projects. This course has improved my ability to design effective incentive programs and track results (GHG reductions, energy use reduction, etc.) from these programs by giving me a better understand of how to apply M&V methods.


What skills are key to my work?

Skills that are key to my work are being able to think critically with a focus on sustainability and energy use reduction. Technical problem-solving and the desire to continuously learn are also very important skills in my work.


What is the best career advice I have ever received? 

Don’t stop learning and keep up on new technologies and innovations.



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