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  • Energy Management Engineer/Specialist
  • Energy Manager/Specialist
  • Project Engineer/Manager
  • Sustainability Manager


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Lisa Rae


Senior Manager

CSEP Distinction Gold


Burman Energy Consultants Group Inc.


Utilities, municipalities, hospitals / healthcare, commercial, institutional, industrial

What is my role as senior manager?

In my role, I coordinate energy efficiency program design and delivery, technical review and evaluation of projects and delivery of direct-install programs between our internal team and external clients.  I am the first line of communication for all client inquiries, requests and accountabilities, including achieving energy savings targets, quantifying and reporting of results, regulatory compliance and budget management.  My role also includes RFP proposal writing, contract management, liaising with provincial regulatory bodies and policy review/analysis.

How did I reach this position?

I was considered a top candidate for this role as I had developed an excellent relationship with Burman Energy through my energy efficiency program work with a number of electricity distribution companies across Ontario.  I solidified provincial recognition through my involvement with provincial bodies, including IESO working groups, the EDA Sustainability Council and on the AESP Ontario Chapter Board.  I also attained credentials through CIET that were a significant influencing factor in assisting me to secure this position.

How does CIET training help me in my work?

Through my training with CIET, I have acquired internationally recognized and well-respected credentials.  The knowledge I have attained has enabled me to communicate effectively with customers about energy efficiency issues and technologies and to make well-informed recommendations about how to improve efficiency through a wide range of feasible projects.  I am also able to apply M&V principles effectively in order to verify savings and demand reductions – an essential element in proving the viability and efficacy of a project.

What skills are key to my work?

Knowledge of energy efficiency technologies, industry best practices, assessment of the most valuable projects and available programs for incentives are key skills in my role.  Also essential is having excellent communication skills: to be able to effectively listen to client needs and concerns and to respond appropriately with solid solutions and varied options designed to meet a customer’s unique requirements.

What is the best career advice I have ever received?

I was once counselled to find a role that I felt passionate about, one where I felt I could make a difference, was doing something I found important and that I would enjoy doing and look forward to every day.  I was also advised that I should be agile and able to make a career change if apathy or dispassion set in.

What is my dream job and how will I get it or how did I get it?

My dream job would combine my appreciation of the energy industry and knowledge of energy efficiency with my passion for the environment and my experience in environmental conservation. Ideally, I would like to be in a position in which I can make a meaningful difference for individuals, for the energy sector and, ultimately, for the planet.

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