This 2-day Efficient Building Envelope (EBE) course introduces the concept of a building as a system, and takes an in-depth look at the interrelationship between the building envelope and installed mechanical sub-systems. The course will examine the principals of heat loss/gain through the envelope (wall, roof, floor and fenestration), and explore the interactions with equipment and occupants.


The importance of air tightness, thermal bridging, and moisture control will be discussed in detail using a variety of typical commercial construction types, with heavy focus placed on designing efficient and durable assemblies. Finally, participants will gain insight on the three compliance pathways available to Part 3 buildings under the newly revised National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB 2011).


Target Audience

  • Suggested, but not limited to:
  • Architects, Engineers and Technologists
  • Developers
  • Contractors and Consultants
  • Building and Home Inspectors
  • Technical Sales Professionals


Topics Covered

  • The building as a system and the interactive effects ofenvironmental surroundings and internal subsystems
  • General overview of typical commercial envelopesystems and current industry best practices fordesigning high performance
  • Heat, air and moisture transfer in building envelopes
    Calculating heat loss/heat gain
    Calculating thermal resistance and conductanceproperties of envelope assemblies
    Determining the thermal impact of framing
    Improving air tightness
    Moisture control calculations & strategies
  • Best practices for designing durable envelope assemblies
  • Compliance with NECB, Part 3: Envelope
    Selecting a suitable compliance path
    Prescriptive path (i.e. minimal thermal resistancerequirements for assemblies, etc.)
    Trade-off path
    Performance path
Continuing Education Units (CEU) 1.6
CSEP points 3

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