CIET offers On-Site & Custom Training Services for groups of 12+ participants, anywhere in Canada, as well as (M&V) Plan Validation Services.


In-House Training

Though CIET offers more than 50 public training sessions every year, we can also come to you! Indeed, all our training programs can be offered on-site, anywhere, for groups of 12+ participants. We all dislike paying hotel fees. If you can provide a training room and catering, CIET can offer you discounted rates on most of our training programs, on top of the following benefits :


  • Choose training dates
  • Reduce travel expenses
  • Reduce travel time outside the office/building
  • Enjoy flexible training schedules
  • Learn from carefully chosen and crafted examples, case studies and questions



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Custom Training

Our team of internal and external trainers cover just about any topic in energy efficiency (EE), as well as most renewable energy topics, making CIET a true sustainable energy training institute. Whether you want to offer your team a half-day course on motor repair best practices with an EE approach or you want to have a workshop on different EE financing options applicable to your specific industry, our team coverd it all.




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Measurement and Verification (M&V) Plan Validation Services

As Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO)’s exclusively authorized Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) program training partner in Canada, CIET is pleased to offer clients our valued third-party M&V plan validation services.


Overview of Services

  1. Review M&V plans
    CIET experts review M&V plans and baseline data provided by the client/service provider.
  2. Validate adherence to any referenced M&V protocol
    CIET experts validate whether M&V plans adhere to the specific requirements of referenced M&V protocols (ASHRAE, ISO, IPMVP, SEP, etc.).
  3. Deliver detailed adherence reports and approval letters
    Upon completion of the review and validation process, CIET provides clients with: (1) a detailed adherence report discussing the M&V plan’s strengths and weaknesses; and (2) an approval letter announcing one of the following three possible conclusions:

    (a) The M&V plan fully adheres to the referenced protocol;
    (b) The M&V plan partially adheres to the referenced protocol and can be amended to achieve full adherence approval; or
    (c) The M&V plan does not adhere to the referenced protocol.


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