What Is Your Company’s Sustainability Pledge?

the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.



Expanding our knowledge in energy efficiency practices is often motivated by monetary savings, but it’s part of a bigger picture. Sustainable energy training provides the knowledge necessary to put practices in place that can help reduce consumption, emissions output and reduce an organization’s overall footprint.


Making business decisions with sustainability in mind means looking ahead and making decisions that will not negatively impact the environment, compromise the needs of future generators, or deplete natural resources beyond repair.



Is sustainability part of your company’s brand?


When you read a company’s annual report or browse its website, you will often find information on its social responsibility efforts. More and more this area is including sustainability efforts.



Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to companies for a number of reasons:

  • Financial – Reducing energy and gas use can have an impact on a company’s bottom line. Efforts to reduce energy waste can also keep companies in line with government regulations, avoiding potential fines.
  • Social – As sustainability efforts increase in the economy, consumer demand become a bigger part of the equation. Socially and environmentally-conscious consumers will consider a company’s environmental footprint when making buying decisions.
  • Environmental – Reducing the impact a company has on the environment. Reviewing operational procedures to determine where negative impacts can be reduced, i.e. travel.

All these factors contribute to a company’s brand. A brand is very important because it is the identity and reputation associated with a company. Although brand is defined by consumer perception, a company can do its best to shape those perceptions and craft the brand they want to be.


Publishing its efforts to reduce its footprint can make a company appear more transparent and trustworthy in the eyes of consumers.


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Like it or not, sustainability is now core to your business



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