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Greenhouse gas emissions are at the heart of an increasing number of regulations, policies, programs and standards that impact all sectors of the economy. They all come with a set of obligations and requirements, and they create economic and operational risks for many organisations but also some quite lucrative opportunities for others. What is increasingly referred to “Carbon Management” is an important aspect of business administration that involves consideration from all traditional business units i.e. finance, legal, operations, marketing, etc. Carbon management is now a source of competitive advantage and becomes a priority for large and small companies. Some organizations even decide to bring these issues to the executive level and create an executive position called the CCO or Chief Carbon Officer.


This course is a short introduction to the world of Carbon Management. It is intended to demonstrate how, as an energy professional, you are a key element in understanding the carbon-related issues and why your implication should greatly influence business decisions.




At the end of the webinar, the participant will be able to:


  • Explain how the carbon price affects business decision making

  • Understand the impacts of carbon markets and carbon taxes

  • Identify opportunities related to carbon management

  • Take the lead in your organization on carbon-related issues


Target clientele
  • Executives and managers whose budgets and profitability are impacted by carbon-related issues

  • Engineers and energy managers whose projects and processes are responsible for GHG emissions or emission reductions
  • Professionals interested in carbon financing
  • Risks and opportunities assessment experts

  • Individuals who want to acquire expertise and a set of skills that are increasingly in demand




Groupe Conseil CarboneThis course is offered in collaboration with the Carbon Consult Group.

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